Highlands Emergency Services Alliance
Some pictures from the New York City tour. April 10-12, 2015

Early morning bus departure.
Drive by of Engine 54, 4 Truck and Battalion 9.
Some of the horses and carriages along Central Park.
Yankee Stadium for the Red Sox game.
Not bad seats.
Manhattan skyline from the NJ Turnpike.
Old Engine 30 house. Fire Museum.
A hose cart manufactured by Steinway & Son.
Another hose cart.
Leather buckets.
Speaking trumpets.
Hand pumper.
Hand pumper.
A couple of the first steamers.
Inside the Fire Zone. Excellent education, simulation and interaction.
During a short period of free time, some got to walk to Engine 54, 4 Truck and around Rockefeller Center before the Radio City Music Hall tour.
Ended the evening on the observation deck.
World Trade Center from Battery Park.
U.S. Coast Guard in the harbor.
Ten House..
World Trade Center from Ten House. The original South tower would have been near the traffic light in the lower left.
Really put a perspective on how close they are.
Memorial on the Greenwich Street side of Ten House. (Sorry I couldn't get it all in one)
South memorial
North memorial. Transportation hub still being worked on.
Two of the famous Tridents.
The final beam that was removed from the sire.
A piece of the antenna from the North tower.
Elevator motor from the South tower.
This beam was recovered from the South tower and determined to be from the 93rd to the 96th floors.
Ten House. Defending Liberty and Still Standing!
The Survivor Tree.